Precious Metal Spot Prices
Gold $ 1,275.40 $ 1,276.40 $1278.60 $1271.50 $+1.40 $+0.11%
Silver $18.31 $18.41 $18.48 $18.17 $-0.02 $-0.08%
Platinum $792.00 $797.00 $807.00 $784.00 $-12.00 $-1.49%
Last updated:  2018/03/22

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Welcome Note

Gold market in Dubai stretches from mining raw material to crafting wearable jewellery. AU jewellery is one name that stands out in all aspects of precious metal solutions in Dubai. We have decades of experience in this business and have a vast client base across US, Europe, Middle-East, Asia and Africa. Without an iota of doubt, we lead the gold market of Dubai, the city of Gold.

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Who We Are

Located at Dubai, our group leverages the best of international physical gold market. Established since decades, AU jewellery offers everything from beautifully crafted jewels to commercial bullion bars. Our group has carved a niche in gold business as we envelop all aspects of gold development starting from mining to selling finished gold products.

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Your Trust Our Commiment

We sell the finest quality of gold jewellery crafted in alluring designs. We are also specialist for commercial bullion bars as our gold quality matches excellence. With an annual turnover of USD 3.32 billon and net worth (tangible) of USD 8.39 million, we mark our dominance in the gold business. We are a one stop solution for getting best quality gold in Dubai.

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The prices here are very good and the service is awesome. Completely satisfied with my whole experience with AU Jewellery.

Amit in Delhi

I would like to personally thank you for a job well done! You did an amazing job! Good luck and it was indeed flawless!!!!

Aaliya Jain in Indore

We would like to express our thanks to the AU Jwellers for all their hard work and impressive professionalism in organizing our conference.

Nitesh Jain in Mumbai